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By requesting access to The Oasis Friends and Family forum, you adhere to the rules set out by the administration of The Oasis Care Home. Any breach of the forum’s Code of conduct will result in a temporary ban form the site or an instant deactivation of your profile.

1. Abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in an instant deactivation of your profile.
2.Any discrimination, Bullying or Sexual harassment will not be tolerated and result in an instant deactivation of your profile.

3. We do not accept posts that contain any negative comments directed towards an individual or aimed towards The Oasis Care Home Ltd.
4. All posts on this page are to remain private, sharing information of any kind to third party websites is strictly forbidden. Information on this page is solely for the benefit of the users and should only be used for that function.

5. We do not allow for private advertisements on this page. Any advertising on this page is reserved for The Oasis Care Home Ltd.

6. Be respectful. Treat people using the forum with kindness and acknowledge that people can have different beliefs.

7.  This page is not a messaging board for topics unrelated to The Oasis care home.

8. Spam posts and chain mail is strictly forbidden on this page.
9. Be cautious of what you are posting, a photo you might feel comfortable posting could contain material some people may mind offensive.


All posts are monitored by the sites Administrator and can be removed at their digression.

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