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Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose has been produced in line with the requirements of the legislation and guidance that we are measured by. It includes information about how we are to meet the National Minimum Standards for Older People as set by our registering authority, the Care Quality Commission. Link to Care Quality Commission (

Our Purpose

We provide personal care to people in their later years, in homely surroundings which, as a minimum, meet the standards defined by the Care Quality Commission. Ultimately our goal is to achieve an excellent service in order to enhance the lives of the people who live at The Oasis. We are able to support people who, due to age, are becoming a little forgetful or mildly confused.


What we aim to achieve

To support people by ‘caring for others as we would wish to be cared for ourselves’ – this means treating all people as our equal, with respect and dignity. At The Oasis our ethos is very much that if something is not good enough for us, then it is not good enough for anyone else. We demonstrate this by using the same facilities as the people who live here, eating the same delicious meals and we encourage the people who live here to keep a favourite cup and saucer or mug of their choice should they wish. We have given careful consideration to wearing a uniform tunic and the feedback from the people who live here, their families and visiting professionals is that they feel happier and safer being able to identify who is a member of staff as well as their level of experience. The people we care for tell us that they prefer the reassurance an identifiable tunic offers, especially when being assisted with more intimate personal care.

You can find our full statement of purpose here: The Oasis Statement of Purpose



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