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Every day we receive positive comments regarding the excellent care, standards of hygiene, the friendly atmosphere and the deep gratitude clients and families feel toward the service we provide.  Here are a selection of comments made by people living at or visiting the home.   Please note that names may have been removed or shortened to protect privacy.

What a beautiful and lovely home The Oasis is – I was a manager of a home too but it was rare to come across somewhere as nice as The Oasis.”


What the people living here say:


Pat, who lives here, spoke highly about the staff at The Oasis, saying how kind they all are, without over fussing but  genuinely concerned with time for her.

"Should be very proud of the staff here they are all marvellous"

"Very happy here, such wonderful staff, they seem full of love"

"I feel so lucky to live here"

What families and friends of service users present (and past) have said:    


‘Family of Mrs PB – “We simply can’t thank you enough, you have given us absolute peace of mind”.

MAY 2016

‘Mr LJ who visited for day services including lunch on the 11th and 12th May said how happy the staff seemed to be in their work and what a lovely atmosphere this created. Mr J also commented on how good the lunches were'.



Mary, friend of Mr PF commented on how brilliant the Valentine's lunch was, she had been to other homes but nothing like this. She said how happy she was with the the way care staff cared for the people living here as well as how clean the home is kept. She summaries with 'Brilliant'.



When dad passed away mum was struggling with her own health, as she was living alone she came to live with us. It became increasingly difficult after about a year to continue to provide the care and routine she needed and we all became very unhappy.

During this time mum had enjoyed spending time at The Oasis (on day breaks) and she asked to move there permanently. We know she is happier, safe and settled. In that knowledge we are free to enjoy life again.


We have taken it as the highest compliment that the Care Quality Commission recommended another care home arrange to view our care plans as an example of best practice – to enable the other home to improve their care standards. J


27.08.2015   Ref. Mrs MH

I can't thank Oasis enough for being able to support my lovely Auntie through end of life.  For her to have passed away in the scary surroundings of Derriford would have been dreadful.


We have supported The Oasis with their training and development for many years and have always been impressed how committed they are to ensuring their staff are skilled and knowledgeable.  The management are members of a networking group for care managers which enables them to keep up to date with developments in the sector and best practice.

Jane kellas, Venus Training & Consultancy Ltd, City Business Park, Somerset Place, Stoke, Plymouth PL3 4BB.


I am an external contractor that provides the IT services to The Oasis Care Home and due to the nature of the work that I do, moving throughout the communal areas of the home and often working behind or under furniture, the staff are often unaware of my presence. I feel moved to write in and say how I am continually amazed by the skill, care and kindness given from all the staff to the residents that I witness on each visit that I make to the home and how content the residents appear.  The regular live music sessions are an obvious highlight and it is wonderful to see the joy that they bring.  I also note how much the residents lap up the wonderful cuisine provided and see that the staff also enjoy eating in as well.  If I or my loved ones need the type of care that The Oasis provide, I hope that I am lucky enough to get a place at the home.  By this letter I give permission for the home to give my contact details to anyone who would like my confirmation of this testimony.

Phil Guy, Plymstock Computer Repairs, 20 Southgate Close, Plymstock Plymouth  PL9 9QL

18th FEBRUARY 2015

We wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the care and kindness given to our beloved mother. She was happy and contented over the past eight years and we were always secure in the knowledge that you have all had her best interests at heart, right to the end, God bless you all”.


The daughters of Mrs CT could not thank us enough for the wonderful care given to her mother for the years her mother was with us. “The care was dignified right to the end”. She has offered for us to give her phone number to prospective clients who may wish to speak to anyone requiring reassurance about the care provided by The Oasis. Comments from Mrs CT family include “Mum could not have been cared for any better by your dedicated staff. From the very first day I left Mum in your care I knew it was where she should be, everyone we met was so caring and friendly, always helpful and genuinely interested in Mum’s health”, “when I phoned nothing was too much trouble”, “the standard of care could be seen at every visit”, “……after the first day, as the days, weeks, months and then years went by she stayed healthy because of your love and dedication to your work and to every resident”.


"Mrs IL ‘In these days when the only news you hear about care homes is the bad news, my brother, sister and I felt we needed to write to tell you how we felt about the service you provided to our mother and father in mum’s last days.... Throughout the time mum was with you, nine months, you and your staff made her feel like it was her home and treated both our parents with the utmost respect. Dad visited every day without fail and on every occasion your staff always had time for him and the visits worthwhile; especially towards the end when mum was bed ridden. The care and compassion show by ALL of your staff made this difficult time as easy as it could be. We cannot praise you and ALL of your staff enough......"

"Mrs KL ‘Please thank your staff for the effort they put in to organise 93rd Birthday – we all had a lovely time....".

For the full letters please click here Testimonials October 2014


"As you know, my Wife and I have had to make the difficult decision to arrange respite accommodation for my Mother, over the last few weeks. In particular I have found it very difficult to hand over my Mother's care whilst my wife and I took an overdue rest to recharge our batteries. When collecting my Mother this afternoon we experienced a very loving send off by your team. When visiting during her settling in period prior to going away on holiday I also experienced similar happy care from your team. I would therefore appreciate you passing on our thanks to your team for the care given during my Mother's stay at The Oasis. The care organised by yourself and your management team and very ably delivered by your care team have greatly helped my wife and I to know that my Mother was being well cared for and for which we are very appreciative".

"What a lovely atmosphere and kind attention there was at the Oasis this afternoon. Sitting quietly with my brother  with the attractive tree and Christmas decorations with Christmas music gently playing in the background, it was so peaceful and like a normal home. The staff were kind  and came up every so often to speak encouragingly to him – even the chef came by and shook his hand and talked about his coming birthday. He could not wish for better!   Alison told me how (he) seemed relieved to be back at The Oasis after his hospital ordeal and he grabbed her hand and kissed it. His way I think of expressing relief to be home again!"

"You stepped in to be 'his family' when we couldn't do it, and we are forever in your debt. The care and love you gave him was obvious, and first class. He was really happy with his 'Final home' and I know he was so fond of the staff who cared for him. So in these days of bad stories you hear on the news, we know we were lucky to have Dad with The Oasis and the team. Thank you."

"I feel guilty that i visit out of duty rather than enjoyment. I did not know I was in for a treat personally and also for my brother. I found Tim & Rob were at their most entertaining. They worked a small miracle for my brother which enabled us to connect through our mutual enjoyment of "The Musical Gentlemen" versatile numbers, My brother obviously recognised me so 'Thank you."

"Got a lift today at a most unexpected time! All due to "The musical Gentlemen" they have happened to be entertaining the residents when i visited my nearly 91 year old brother with dimentia. Visits have become depressing things for me of late and not sure if they do him any good either as he is so difficult to connect with. Not so today - Thanks to Tim & Rob and thier truly enjoyable, versatile and proffesional entertainment which would go down well at any kind of event. It helped me and my brother connect through the music in a way that had not been possible for ages."

"As per last Christmas, deep gratitude and thanks for all that you do for mum, I feel I have acquired a very caring family.  Thank you very much for all you have done and are still doing for mum and me."

"Thanks ever so much for sending the email. It is so easy to get depressed at Mum's condition and things like that do help. It also reminds me that she is in a good place with good people who do care about the residents."

"Thanks to all staff for the good care that is being given to mum. I do understand that mum can be very demanding but she is appreciative of staff's patience and care."

"We would like to say thank you all for looking after mum so well.  You all made the home feel warm and special with your caring and friendly approach.  We feel we have been through so much with mum and thank you for your support and care not only for mum but for us as a family.  It took away a lot of the pressure to know that she was so well cared for."

"At  97 it's so hard to see your darling Mum so frail... and I have many tears over this in private and in public at times. But how I appreciate where she is and how lovingly she's cared for! I really know now that we were so right in persuading me to get Mum into care when I did... otherwise I'd be in there too!!"

"Your knowledge of caring for your residents is outstanding. I know that my mum is in the right place and that every attention is being given to her needs. I noticed a written prayer on her pillow, put there by someone to help her adjust to her new surroundings..... just shows the love and understanding you so beautifully give."

"We happened to visit mum at the very time the Christmas gifts were being distributed to all the residents on Christmas Day.  Firstly we were touched to see that some thought had gone into choosing presents for the individual clients and particularly how very thoughtful it was for mum to have been given a little cyclamen.  She so loves and enjoys her flowers.  So, once again thank you for the thought and consideration that went into selecting the pressies.   Happy New Year to you all."

'“How well and how happy he looks.  Such an incredible improvement since he has been at The Oasis.”


“I do take comfort from knowing Mum and all your other residents are in very capable hands and that you continually strive for excellence at The Oasis.”

“Thanks to all the team who put on the wonderful Barbecue.  We were waited on hand and foot and the occasion was enjoyed by the residents and visitors alike.  Music from Martin Fowler brought the afternoon alive.  Top marks to all the caring staff who make my mother’s life happy and care-free.”

“I was extremely impressed by the level of care my dad received during his stay.  Every member of staff made me and my family very welcome.”

“Thanks for all the support and loving care you gave to my aunt during her stay at The Oasis.  Thank you so much.”

"My heartfelt thanks for all the kindness and care that everyone gave to my dad during his time at The Oasis."

What Respite/Day Care visitors say:


"It was heart-warming to know how much you care about your residents and their families. The Oasis is a very lovely facility and both you, Anne and all your staff are not only kind and courteous but exemplify the highest of professional standards.When I got my mum back to her home I un-packed her suitcase and was amazed that everything had been packed so neatly, so carefully and it was all spotlessly clean. Thank you!"


"Dear Staff Members - I would like to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful care and understanding you have given me over the past 2 weeks.  Without doubt it has helped me very much towards a speedier recovery.  Enjoy the biscuits - love to you all." 

“I would like to say thank you for the way in which you cared for me recently on the two stays I had with you.  Everyone was so kind to me and I felt very welcomed.”

"I am being spoilt and well looked after".

“Thank you for being there at our time of need.”


"Lovely!" - Reviewed on Good Care Guide by Anonymous on Feb 20 2012 - The home is refreshingly contemporary and the rooms so lovely but the best thing is the staff - they are all wonderful. We just had a short stay but will definitely come back when longer stay is required."



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