5 things to look for in a care home - meet KLOE!

Choosing a suitable place for a loved one to live can be a very difficult decision -

how do you decide?

One of the recommended ways is visiting the home of course, to get a feel for the atmosphere – crucial. Then ‘check out’ how things appear to be run - but do you know what to look for?

We recommend some examples from the CQC KLOE (Key Lines of Enquiry) which are CQC regulation to which the standards are set for care home inspections by the Government regulator.

Here are a few examples to think about when visiting a prospective care home.

· Is it Safe?

In line with the current concerns over the Coronavirus, are there examples of good hygiene practice? Are there hand sanitisers and gels on entrance and exits, is there antibacterial soap in the bathrooms and disposable towels? And of course, the other obvious signs of cleanliness around the place.

· Is it Effective?

Is the home meeting peoples care requirements? Are there signs of people being respected as individuals? For example, are they offered choices of where to sit during the day, in their own room or the lounge or communal area? Are their individual choices being met, like reading a book or magazine, watching the television or doing a puzzle or jigsaw?

· Is it Caring?

Are the staff interacting with the people who live there rather than their colleagues? How do staff speak to the people living there? Are the people being included in conversation and listened to?

· Is it Responsive?

Is the home responsive to changing needs? Are there signs of people with varying levels of need? Does it give you confidence that they are able to continue to look after people as their dependency increases? Are people being supported to get up each day regardless of their ability? If you see someone being moved from a chair to a wheelchair for example using a hoist, this is a positive sign that people are not being isolated away in their bed or their rooms.

· Is it Well led?

Is there a sense of good team dynamics? Is there a good atmosphere amongst the staff? Is there evidence that the team are being led from the top? Do you see the management around?

We hope this information was helpful, if you require any further help, please contact us on the form on our website, call us or visit our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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