Care with a Flair by Tui Shirley, Director of The Oasis

International Globetrotting Glamour Puss?

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Cora visited The Oasis to pick up an application form when Tui was in the office who says

“I didn’t expect Cora to have the skills or experience required but my first positive impression was how perfect her English was and Cora told me she had first aid training which was of interest. Then, when reviewing her CV my eyes ‘lit up’ as I saw that she had worked as an International Air Stewardess for Philippines Airlines. I knew immediately that she would have the same skills we look for in our Care Team”.

Having previously worked for British Airways herself, Tui knew the high standards, caring customer service, communication skills and the ability to assess how people might be feeling as well as the ability to deal with emergency situations were all valuable and applicable skills.

“I knew I wanted to give Cora the opportunity, I was confident she had the skills and would learn the intricacies and legal frameworks that apply to the care role through training”.

Just as there is much more to the role of Air Cabin Crew then many people realise (not simply serving meals and looking smart), Cabin Crew are trained to an (arguably) military standard to deal with emergency situations including hostage, terrorism and how to evacuate up to 400 people from a 747 in under 90 seconds. They are there to save lives and sadly many have lost their own lives doing so.

Care too, is much more than a lot of people realise, there is more to it than simply ‘being nice’, sharing a chat and a cuppa or simply assisting with personal care. There are numerous skills including prioritising, assessing how best to support people confused by dementia, protecting people’s rights, administering medication and ensuring documentation is correct and a total commitment is required to deliver a great quality of life to those we provide a service to.

So – whilst the ‘International Globe Trotting Glamour Puss’ reference is ‘tongue in cheek’ Tui loves coming into The Oasis to observe fabulous care being delivered by some amazing ladies all looking rather glamorous with their various ‘up do’ hairstyles including ‘top knots’, ‘buns’, ‘doughnuts’, ‘twists’ and pleats’.

“Yes, we love to inject some fun and flair into care - the ladies and gents we provide a service for really appreciate it”!

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