Spa Treat makes for a special Day!

Our newly refurbished Spa Bathroom is being used with great feedback. Taking a luxury bubble bath is such a lovely relaxing thing to do and assisting people to do so is so very worthwhile as it’s something they may have used to do but need a little help with now. Here is Sharon’s story of her experience with Mrs M! "“What a fabulous afternoon spent with Mrs M today! It was such a girlie hour and she said she felt lovely and spoilt. Mrs M spent a while in the spa bath and I made sure she did not get cold. Afterwards legs and feet creamed then to the hands, nails buffed and shined and clear nail varnish on nails which she loved. We listened to various tracks of music playing in the background, not too loud using the sensory hub and we talked about music, movies, memories from when she was younger, Mrs M was telling me about being a nurse.

The Spa experience was a success and Mrs M told me she felt pampered afterwards and was nice and relaxed. What a lovely treat!

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